Go Against The Grain  / 逆向主流
Imperfection 2015 / 不完美 2015

It is a conceptual project that aims to challenge the word "Imperfection" and "Perfection". There are 5 designers cooperated in Imperfection 2015 and used exhibition as a media to convey the core value to the audiences.

What is the definition of perfection and imperfection? In this exhibition, I am going to present the visually imperfection by using photography. I always groan that there are many RULES in the world. RULES make the world being dull and boring. I want to break the rules to show how an “imperfect” to make the photo become “perfect”. The imperfection part is helping the visual become fruitful and interesting. Stay different to be unique, do not blindly follow the trend to match with others. 

You are perfect because you are staying imperfect. 


Go Against The Grain  / 逆向主流
Booklet Design / 書刊設計
Go against the grain, means to do something that is the opposite of what is usually. Why we have to follow the majority trend? What if I am a unique one? Following the majority does not mean perfect and going against the trend does not mean imperfect. In this exhibition, I am going to present the “imperfection” photography by using a “perfection” method.

Studio photography, Art Direction / 攝影
Exhibition and Design crew: Andrew Lee, Chan Hiu, Din Yam, Johanna Warchol
Go Again The Grain Booklet: Chan Hiu.
Year: 2015


Size: 180mm(W) x 135mm(H)
Printing: Ink-jet printing
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